Useful contacts

 The Oya Festival

Torggata 5
0181 Oslo

The Norwegian Rock Association


Visiting address: Trondheimsveien 2, Building J, 0560 Oslo (entrence Herslebs Street)
Tel: +47 22 20 00 22

OIKOS – National Ecological Association

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Health, environment, and safety

Waste handling etc.

Green purchasing

About food

About organic foods

About the climate

Transportation in cities

Environmental organisations and eco-labels

Other sources of environmental information

Useful webresourses

  • Miljøindex gives a overview of Norwegian business and products that are sertified green:
  • Julies Bicycle have developed an internetbased Industry Green Tool to mesure emissions related to festivals and music business:
  • A Greener Festival have got advice and inspiration to make environmental festivals and events:
  • Sustainable Event Alliance is a knowledgebank with handy hints and tips: