1.3 Plan of action

Make a plan of action on the basis of the environmental mapping and your chosen measures. This will provide a good overview of what must be done, when and by whom.

A separate plan of action can be made for every work group within the event, or you may choose to make a separate plan for each environmental area. It is up to you to decide on the most practical solution.

The plan of action must contain:

  • Concrete measures – what is to be done
  • Manager – the person in charge
  • Deadline – when the measure is to be accomplished
  • Potential expenditure and gain

Example of plan of action, waste handling:

Measure Area/Section Investment/Resource requirement Person in charge Deadline Possible gain
Make waste handling plan, contact sponsor Environmental concerns work group Work hours Environmental manager January 15 Less unsorted waste leads to lower costs.
Make necessary preparations for waste sorting Environmental concerns work group Purchasing/sponsoring of cardboard boxes, waste bins. Putting up signs. Information. Head of group
Decorations manager
February 1 Potential profits from selling left-over plastic material, etc.
Purchasing: demands on supplier to accept return of packaging material Purchasing (none) Head of sales/purchasing Continuous Less left-over waste
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