2.9 Stalls and shopping areas

Many festivals and events will offer the audience a wide variety of goods for purchase. Types of goods and the extent of sales will vary strongly between different events.

Case study

The Øya festival wishes to reduce its amount of waste, and has prohibited the distribution of flyers and other printed material within the festival area. The festival has – with success – requested that all stalls in the festival markets sign an «environmental contract». This ensures  that everyone disposes of with waste in the appropriate manner, uses certified eco-papers for their print jobs, organic foods/drinks on their menus etc.

If you plan to have sales stalls at your event, it is important that you make strict demands on the enterprises present. The goods sold will – to a certain degree – reflect on the event itself, which means that environmental concerns and demands must be kept in mind.

You must inform the involved enterprises of your environmental profile immediately and explain what the consequences are for them. This is important with regards to design, and you may want a joint policy on signage and the placement/shaping of stalls. It might also be that you won’t find certain products to be in accordance with your environmental profile, or that the mentioned profile might limit the enterprise’s possibilities of marketing itself at the event. Information on waste handling is particularly important!

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