2.4 Running a green office

Choice of paper, printed matter and advertising material

The use of recycled products contributes to a sensible waste management process and utilizes resources that would otherwise be discarded. Choose these products, be they paper, cardboard, or plastic. The products should also be recyclable (wood being the exception). Therefore the material should be as uniform as possible, or easy to separate.

There are many types of eco-friendly paper. Recycled paper is the best choice, not only because it saves resources, but because the production itself is the most environmentally friendly paper manufacture process, both in terms of contamination and resource use. It requires the least amount of energy and also requires less use of chemicals during production.

An example of a manufacturer is Døvigen AS, which has taken over production of HippoReturkartong and uses recycled pulp (from e.g. milk- and juice cartons) for their paper production. The paper HippoReturkartong is composited of recycled fibres from drinking cartons and Cyclus Print or Cyclus Offset which is 100% recycled and eco-friendly choices for print jobs. PureWhite and TrendWhite are two examples of 100% recycled copy paper.

Even the simplest measures can yield environmental benefits

  • Carefully consider how much printed material is really necessary
  • A lot of the marketing can also be done through the internet and by e-mail. This can be both quicker and cheaper
  • Always choose environmentally sound paper for posters, tickets, flyers, designs, event programs and other printed material
  • Remember to use an environmentally certified printing office, if possible
  • Other advertising items. Should you feel that your event would benefit from further advertising methods and the products associated with them, you can still stay environmentally sound. Today, a wide range of products made from recycled material is readily available, e.g. ball pens, thermo cups, drinking bottles, fleece sweaters and t-shirts, to name but a few. See www.ecolabel.no, www.hippo.no, or www.dovigen.no/webshop
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