2.8 Decoration, textiles and embellishment

It is important to keep the totality of the event in mind. Make sure signs and decorations match. You might want to use a uniform design throughout the event premises, e.g. for signs, banners and stage decoration. Using visual elements correctly will provide a great setting!

Some simple tips:

  • Use as much recyclable nature materials as possible.
  • Use textiles (e.g. for banners, decorations, etc.) made from environmentally sound materials. Certain textiles are also eco-labelled, which shows that, e.g., the cotton has been ecologically cultivated. It isn’t very hard to get hold of t-shirts made with organic cotton these days. Or you can use, e.g., organic carry nets.
  • Make environmental demands on the manufacturer to ensure that the printing and processing of textiles is done in accordance with your environmental policy.
  • Other kinds of embellishments should also be critically examined before ordering, e.g., posters, flower decorations, pictures, back walls for stands, and other things you may want to use for decoration purposes.
  • Use swan labelled paints
  • As far as possible, avoid using plastic materials, foils, metal, and tropical woodwork.
  • Choose durable materials that can withstand rain. Keep quality and re-use in mind.
  • Remember to store all materials properly, so that they can be used at the next event.
  • Make assembly systems that allow for re-use. Try to find flexible solutions.
  • To prevent visual distortion and ensure a uniform profile, you should adopt a strict policy regarding design and use of colours. This doesn’t mean that there should be only one kind of design or just one colour, but that different elements match.
  • Recycling posts should be uniform in appearance, especially if you encourage visitors to recycle.
  • Think wholistically about signage. Maybe you have a logo, a colour, or a certain shape that could be applied to all signs?
  • The different colour choices should match.
  • Tidy up and store away all equipment not in use.
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